Yes, it’s that time again!

When trying to get presents for my bookish friend for Christmas I surfed the net to see what it had to offer. On Etsy and Amazon I found some of the coolest bookish gifts for Christmas this year so have compiled them here! So on with the show – in no particular order…

Note: This post is unsponsored.

1. Red Queen Series Inspired Bookmarks

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That’s right for all you Red Queen fans out there these beautifully designed bookmarks are for you. There is one for each of Victoria Aveyard’s amazing stories. Created by Jessica Jade Designs, there are many more other bookmarks for fans of all sorts of books, including GoT, Acotar and Six of Crows!

2. Bookish Candles

Image from source

These candles embody the word ‘Fandom’. PretAGeek has created candles containing the scents of many a bookish world, including Harry Potter, Alice In Wonderland, and Peter Pan. I think I would choose the ‘Christmas At Pemberly’ candle for Christmas this year if I had a choice.

3. Bookish Advent Calendars

Image from source

Now this one I am really keen to get as it looks so cool! Bookish Stuff has created a advent calendar crate where each day reveals a little bookish or Fandom design. They are up for sale via pre-order so you better get in quick! There are more of these types of gifts out there so make sure you get your hands on them before they run out.

4. Bookish Coloring Book

Image from source

This cute bookish coloring book made by Jessica Hildreth contains 20 pages of bookish things including some of the most loved works of fiction. This book is great used to unwind from a long day and is very relaxing.

5. Handy Dandy Rechargeable Book Light

This is a must have for voracious readers who read into the wee hours of the night. I have had a book light one for at least a year now and it has been a wise purchase. No more aching arms from holding a heavy torch up and no more the struggle of reaching to turn the page. Made by Topelek, this light has three settings and a warm or a cold light. Using a rechargeable light is also good for the environment as stops excessive batteries entering the landfill.

6. What i Read – Reading Journal

This bookish gift, created by Potter Gift is a great one for readers who want to get into having a book log and start writing reviews. It is a great way of tracking the books you have read and seeing what you thought about them. I have had this for a while now and it is a great way of recording my bookish progress.

7. Library Kit

Image from source

This library kit is a must have for wannabe librarians. If you know a reader who is collecting books and wants to keep their little library organized consider this gift for one of your friends (or treat yourself). Knock Knock’s library kit is a great way to stop you pals running away with your much loved book which you will never see again. Once you have this started kit you can buy additional label refills.

8. The most prettiest edition of the classics

Image from source

This Puffin In Bloom edition of classics containing novels such as Little Women and Heidi are so gorgeous. If you were planning on purchasing these books for Christmas, stop! Get these editions instead. They will look so endearing on your shelf and come in a collection.

9. To Be Read Jar

Image from source

This super cool gift made by Fortune Jars contains 100 handmade origami stars, which are actually 100 of your custom chosen TBR titles folded up so that when you don’t know what to read next you pick a random one out and open it up. Such a cool idea!

10. Harry Potter House Shirts

Of course, I had to include something Harry Potter. I mean the Fandom stuff associated with HP is endless! Leaf and Lore Shop has some of the cutest Harry Potter house Tees with the traits of each house. They also contain lots of Lord of The Rings merch as well, which I just love! If you have a friend who knows their Hogwarts house purchase one of these shirts! You can also get them in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

So there you go, the Top 10 Bookish gifts to get for Christmas, in my opinion. These gifts are just so cool and are perfect for that gift you just can’t put your finger on that you wanted for your bookish pal.

Also, I would like to encourage all of you this year to think about your purchases for Christmas a little more carefully this year. There is no doubt plastic is polluting our planet. It is important we all do our bit to help reduce the harmful effects on wildlife and our environment.

To do this we can be more mindful of what we buy, it’s packaging and whether there is a environmentally friendly better option out there. When you buy a prezzie for your friends and family think about the products end life – does what your getting have one-use, how is the receiver meant to get rid of it when it becomes unusable, is it made of recyclable plastic or can it be composted or reused. Let’s all do our bit for our planet!

Note: This post is not sponsored by any of these shops or companies but was put together by MatFiction for the sole purpose of interest.

What do you think?

  • Would you buy any of these? Have you?
  • What is your favorite?
  • What do you like best about Christmas?

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