On this blog I use a variety of bookish jargon, which to the outsider may seem a little odd and confusing. When I first plunged into book blogging it took me a while to understand what all the bookish folk were on about. So here I have listed some of the most common words/acronyms to help you and for my own reference 😉

  • ARC – Advanced Reading Copy, I may mention this in a review
  • book hauls/stacks – these are a collection of books I’ve recently bought arranged in a tidy stack
  • Bookish – anything relating to books
  • Bookstagram – Instagram accounts where book blogging is central
  • CW – a warning of the content, specifically for younger readers or those that may be triggered
  • DNF – Did not finish
  • Dystopian -a book set in the not ideal future. Eg. The Hunger Games
  • Fandom – an online community central a specific fictional book/film etc
  • GR – Goodreads
  • Meme – not just the viral internet image with caption. On book blogs this refers to a kind of content eg. Books I’m Currently reading (I made that up)
  • POV – Point of View
  • QFTR – It is my Questions For The Readers. Principally, the discussion questions I have asked to the readers of the book
  • Reading Slump – a period of time where you become uninterested in reading
  • Spoiler – a piece of information that is usually revealed at the end of the book and will ruin this book for you if you haven’t read it yet
  • TBR – To Be Read, I usually use this when talking about my TBR list, a list containing books I intend to read
  • Utopia – A book set in the ideal future
  • YA – a genre centered around Young Adult readers and main characters. Eg. The Hunger Games is in the YA genre

*Also, book titles may be shortened to initials. Such as The Hunger Games to HG or Harry Potter to HP*

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