Happy Christmas readers! Last year I did a unsponsored post showcasing different Christmas gifts to give your bookish friend or family member (or.. you know… yourself ;)). This year I undergo the same online shopping cart journey. So here are the Top 10 Bookish Gifts for Xmas 2020!

These suggestions are in no particular order and this post is not sponsored.

Christmas 2020 will probably look a little different to previous years (Covid-19 strikes again) so I don’t doubt many will want to avoid Christmas crowds by ordering online this year.

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1. 100 Books Checklist

Holly from Scattered Printables on Etsy has created this comprehensive and beautiful list of 100 reads according to a Goodreads List. This list would be great in bullet journals and scrapbooks to record your reads and make them look beautiful at the same time.

2. Bibliophile by Jane Mount


Do you love books about books? I know I do. I actually own this great collection of reviews, authors, bookstores info and of course book-by-genre collection written by Jane Mount. Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany, is a great gift for anyone remotely bookish. The paintings of books are so well done.

3. Feather Bookmark

Gabriella from stationaryshopuk has created many beautiful pins and bookmarks inspired by famous favorites like Harry Potter, Six of Crows and A Court of Thrones and Roses (ACOTAR). I love this feather bookmark, really makes me think of Six of Crows.

4. Vintage Bookstore Candle

All bookish folk know the scent of an old bookstore. That musty, papery, ancient smell? Well, if you love it and want your own mini library to emit that scent Irena from BeeCozyCandles has created just that.

5. Bookish Face Mask


2020, as well are all aware, has been fraught with lockdowns, quarantines, face masks and a global pandemic. On a silver lining though, there has been more time to read.

6. Amazing Bookmarks

EtherealCuriousities has created see-through resin bookmarks for well-known Fandoms and book series like Perks of being A Wallflower and Infernal Devices. Here, is a ACOTAR set, Infernal Devices set and Six of Crows set.

7. Six of Crows candle

Among many lovely candles that Briarwick has created I spotted this SoC themed candle. I reckon if I smelled this it would so be like the scent of Ketterdam what with the whisky, leather and harbor breeze scents. Close your eyes and read (don’t know how your going to do that) the passages in SoC where Kaz and the crew are in Ketterdam, light this candle and you might actually feel like you are there!

8. Anne of Green Gables New Edition

After scrolling through Etsy I managed to stumble across Louise from BookishlyUK’s collection of beautiful editions of the classics. There was The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, Persuasion and so many more. Of course I spotted Anne of Green Gables which I couldn’t pass up as it was one of my favorite reads from this year.

9. Harry Potter Themed Metal Bottle

This beautiful metal drink bottle, made by Kaycie from BeautifulScribbles is not only a great gift because of it’s wonderful harry Potter themed design but it’s also eco-friendly. Let’s face it, who has plastic bottles anymore? Let’s be reusable and instead of buying that plastic bottle from the shop to quench your thirst do the simple and straightforward thing and bring your super cool metal one!

10. Advent Calendar

This gift is an absolutely amazing one! Made by NovelMommaDesigns, with 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas, this present would be so exciting. Gifts include magnets, candles and many other surprises. I just love this idea!

A note on consumerism and Christmas:
We all know Christmas is a crazy frantic sales ridden time of buying and consuming, using and throwing away. ‘Tis the season to be trashing. But we can all change that. Some ideas are: buying eco-sustainable items, reusing wrapping paper, buying compostable wrapping paper (starting a compost), selling unwanted gifts instead of sending them to landfill, thinking before you buy and buying things with little or no packaging. Also, instead of giving people plastic fantastic one-use presents give them your time, experiences and carefully crafted creations.

Because then Christmas won’t just be about giving gifts to each other, we can give back to the planet.

Thanks to all the lovely Shops and businesses mentioned in this post. I love all your creations and hope you like this post! Merry Christmas!

Do you like these creations? What do you think about plastic waste and Christmas? Do you have any hacks that might reduce pollution and waste? Well, I am heading on Christmas holidays now so have a merry covid Christmas readers!

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Bookish Gifts for Xmas 2020

  1. I absolutely love this post I’ll also be checking out the other stores, thank you so much for featuring our store @etherealcuriousities! It’s truly appreciated 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love this post, and it’s given me some great ideas for Christmas presents this year.
    I’m all for reducing plastic in our world, and have been making things out of what I have (DIY) since lock down. I’ve made furniture, soaps, wrapping Christmas presents in scrap paper, and creating meals out of what’s in the pantry, fridge & garden.
    Thanks for the inspiration to keep going in my journey to reduce plastic in our world.


  3. btw here’s the link to my blog I think because I changed my name slightly it hasn’t updated: justmywayofthinkingx.wordpress.com


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