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This blog, My Addiction To Fiction (sometimes shortened to matfiction), was created in April 2019 after being a solely Instagram blog – My Addiction To Fiction. I have always been a reader and loved chatting books with any and everyone who reads (or doesn’t 😉). I didn’t really know anything about the book blogging community before embarking on this journey.

My goal and hope for this blog is that it can be used to record and inform, you, The Readers, of the books I am reading and have read in the past (thus fueling my addiction to fiction and giving it an outlet).

I would love to hear from you regarding feedback and would love to hear your opinions on the books mentioned on this blog.

I love reviewing books so that is the primary content on this blog. There is also book tags and book hauls. Occasionally I post a Top 10, author interview or Beguiling Bookstores post. Weekly memes which are hosted by other book bloggers, such as Let’s Talk Bookish, are part of the secondary content.


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About the Blogger

My name is Aimee and MATFiction stands for ‘My Addiction To Fiction’ as I am addicted to reading fiction (metaphorically). I have been a fanatical bookworm since I first learnt to read.

My favorite book series’ has got to be Red Queen, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. My favorite stand alone book has got to be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. The genres I like best include fantasy, YA and historical fiction, though pretty much any kinds of books I enjoy.

My reading pet peeve has got to be when the first book in a series starts off great but throughout the series slips down and becomes uninteresting and diverts completely from the original story. How often does this happen! Also, I hate when my favorite character dies – why do I always choose the one that dies?!

For me you can never go wrong with a good book, a cup of fruit tea and a fluffy dog on your lap. Oh and I am a bibliosmiac (someone who loves of the smell of old books – I didn’t make that up, it’s an actual thing). Thanks for taking a look at my blog which is different from the rest (at least I hope so, right!? 😉) and where my sense of humor comes through in everything I post.

Also, to let you know, this blog is my own opinions and as we know opinions are not fact and can be flawed. So if you see something you disagree with that’s okay we both have the right not to be wrong (does that make sense?). I try to be courteous around books I don’t like as I know the author worked hard on that piece of writing. Although since this blog is my own thoughts – s strong opinion or perspective will come through and so, yeah, just be prepared.

If you have any questions for me about books or blogging feel free to ask!

Leave your thoughts, join the conversation!

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