Book Haul (09-07-2019)

I recently got a mini-book stack from a book sale. Guess how much money they were each?? - 50 cents. Yes, I am being honest. I ended up spending $2 on four books. Here they are: Tales from Shakespeare by Charles & Mary Lamb - Buy HerePollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter - Buy … Continue reading Book Haul (09-07-2019)

Book Meme of the Week (01-07-19)

Hello, readers! How did June reading stack up? Are you on track for your Reading Challenge this year as we are now over halfway through the year! Can't believe it - time flies when you're stuck in a book. The meme for this week is... Living with book problems This image helps to describe how … Continue reading Book Meme of the Week (01-07-19)