Hello, readers! How did June reading stack up? Are you on track for your Reading Challenge this year as we are now over halfway through the year! Can’t believe it – time flies when you’re stuck in a book. The meme for this week is…

Living with book problems

This image helps to describe how many readers feel after finishing pretty much any book they have been totally engrossed in. They realize they’ve been living in an alternate reality – one that no one understands but Readers. Books affect us way too much, so why do we go into “post book depression”, as I call it, after experiencing emotional trauma at the hands of a paper back? I know because books are awesome!

Have you had this before? What book really made you feel this way? For me I think a book I was way too emotionally invested in was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince… Snape, nooooooooo, the trauma you put me through! After I came out of this book’s world I couldn’t stop talking about Snape, Dumbledore, and the adventures of Hermione, Harry, and Ron … and then it hit me – some people don’t even know they exist!

Image Credit: http://slaplaughter.danoah.com/36-memes-for-book-lovers-that-will-make-them-happier-than-getting-a-letter-from-hogwarts/

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