Thanks to Haley and Jayati for putting on this coffee themed readathon! Here I will be adding a brief review of each book and a star rating! Stay tuned for more updates. I will be reviewing all fully at a later stage. Check out my earlier coffee posts here and here.

The Coffee-inspired Prompts & The Books

Six of Crows

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Days Taken To Read: 5
Pages: 450
Genre: Upper YA fantasy
6 Word Summary: six gang members make daring heist
This is probably one of the most hyped books of the last few years. I’ve come across it again and again – So it fits the latte pretty well. At first I struggled to get into Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo because I found the violence a little to dark. However, over the course of the book it got better, and began to enjoy this furiously fast-paced read. The characters were, again, a bit dark but their backstories were intriguing. Bardugo managed to write such a fine balanced plot and character based book. Loved the POVS and how well they were executed. Reccommended to all fantasy readers. It also fits Pumpkin-spiced latte as it is a bit of a spooky read.

Everything Everything

Stars: ⭐️⭐️
Days Taken: 4
Pages: 306
Genre: YA/comtempo/love story
6 Word Summary: locked-in sick girl loves boy cliché
I loved the doodles, graphs, texts and listing style that Nicola Yoon used in Everything Everything but that’s where the joy stopped for me. I found it a little predictable (until the last chapter, wow did not see that coming!, hence why it got unique plot and espresso romano). I also found the the main characters, particularly Maddy, annoying and selfish. My rating was proabbly sitting at around 3 stars until the thing happened. The thing happened about 3/4 through the book that cheapened it to “just like every other romance of this kind.”. I loved The Fault In Our Stars and If I Stay and this book felt like a bit of a clone of those in my opinion.

Lord of The Flies

Days Taken: 5
Pages: 216
Genre: classic/satirical
6 Word Summary: Plane crash leaves isolated boys mad
A timeless classic, this book was really intriguing and I’m glad I could read it for enjoyment unlike the other 80% of LOTF by William Golding readers out there (don’t forget to talk about the symbolism of the pathetic fallacy and the parachutist essay-writing college students!). The book was bursting with dialogue and dark bitter descriptions (like black coffee). I was definitely thought provoking and made me thankful for laws and human rights. To me the mood seemed nightmare-y (compared to dreamy) and the plot was fast-moving. I gave it a 3 star review because it was sad and there wasn’t really any hope in the book and I love love love books with hope and a happy ending. This book isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Stars: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Days Taken: 6
Pages: 218
Genre: Childrens/Diary
6 Word Summary: Greg Heffleys summer isn’t great. Hilarious.
I loved Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney. Taking place in the long hot summer vacation this diary is sooooo funny. Kinney’s sense of humor literally made me laugh out loud. With hilarious doodles and memoir-like style this series is good for kids and adults alike. You can totally read this public pool side with screaming kids, iced coffee in hand, receiving the occasional stare from parents as to why you’re read a book aimed at kids – but ignore them – keeping laughing out loud.

So you want numbers?

So far I’m halfway though my TBRs. I will post part 2 of The Coffee Readathon at the end of September. Here’s the stats so far though.

4 books
1190 pages
4 genres
15 days

What do you think of my reads? Are you participating in the coffee readathon?

3 thoughts on “The Coffee Readathon: Part 1

  1. You’ve read as much in 15 days as most people read in a few years! I’ve only read LOTF on this list, and yes, it was a bit depressing, and I didn’t really enjoy it.


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