Hi everyone! Guess what… I’m participating in my first ever readathon. It’s The Coffee Readthon hosted by Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader and Jayati @ The Coffee Addicted Bibliophile.

I was inspired to try this readathon as the prompts would encourage me to read books I wouldn’t usually read. The funny thing is though…. I don’t even like coffee.

The Details

Dates: September 1 – 30

What you have to achieve: 7 books for each of the 7 coffee inspired prompts. For each completed coffee you get a stamp on your rewards card. Yes, A REWARDS CARD!! There also 3 bonus coffees that aren’t essential but if you want a bit of a challenge can so these to. You also receive a badge for your blog.

You want to join too? There is a form to sign up here.

Where can I follow the readathon? Check it out at IG @thecoffeereadathon. You can follow my readthon updates right here on matfiction.home.blog.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Prompts

LATTE: Lattes being the most popular coffee drink, read a hyped book 

ICED COFFEE: A summer read and Iced Coffee is the perfect combination!

TURKISH COFFEE: A traditional coffee with special preparation, read a book written by an author of middle eastern origin

ESPRESSO ROMANO: A coffee with a lemon flavour, read a book with a unique plot

CAFE CREMA: Uncommon in cafe menus, read a book with less than 750 ratings on Goodreads 

CAFE CON LECHE: Common drink in the hispanic communities around the world, read a book written by a Latinx author 

VIETNAMESE  ICED COFFEE: An Asian invention, read a book set in Asia

The Bonus Prompts

BLACK COFFEE:  It’s a timeless classic, read a classic book  

IRISH COFFEE: A Coffee with a ‘kick’ to it, read a book with a sassy/fiery character

PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE: Spooky/Witch/Autumnal Read

There is also a bunch of super cool book recommendations done by Jayati and Haley under each of the following prompts – you can check them out here.

Matfiction’s Escapades:

I have signed up for both sets, the 7 cups of coffee + the 3 bonus cups!!! Ahhhh!! I felt the bonus coffee prompts where more up my alley so that’s why I did that. When I have sussed which books will be my TBRs I will put up a post up sharing what I aim to fill the coffee prompts!

Are you going to participate in The Coffee Readathon? Are you inspired to read more after checking out this readathon? Do you like the prompts?

7 thoughts on “The Coffee Readathon

  1. Amazing challenge for yourself, I hope you enjoy the process, and I am looking forward to following how you get on this September, not long until you start.

    Liked by 1 person

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