Hello, readers! It’s December, last month of the year! The holiday month. Here is a meme of warning in this time when movies abound. Today’s meme is…

Movie VS Book

This meme is a playing on the saying ‘Never Judge the book by the cover’. In this case the ‘cover’ of the book is it’s movie. It is widely known in the bookish world that books are better than films and should be read first. In a book we get so much more. We get a full-low down on what’s going on, we get a description in usually lovely language of what it all looks like, and the story lasts longer ***cough cough, 5 years of Lord of the Rings if you’re me. Yes, it did take me that long***. We get to watch the film in our heads. Also, gory and graphic scenes in books are never as scary as that in the movie.

So don’t watch a blockbuster and than think, well, that was pretty bad, the book must be also. Because 90% of the time (I reckon) the book is better than the movie. There are some exceptions though, in my opinion. Such as The Hunger Games (only because the film was soooo good) and A Wrinkle In Time (the film was done really well, I thought and I personally did not enjoy the book as much). However, there are bad books that we need to dodge (partly why I started this blog – to assist readers in their book choices).

  • Is there some cases where the film was better than the book, in your opinion?
  • What’s your favorite thing about December?

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