Well, would you believe it we are almost at December and Christmas is coming up. Better start getting those Christmas themed books. Today’s meme is…

Bedroom Pie Chart

I totally get this meme. My bookshelves are book haul by book haul taking over the little space left in my room, but I love that. If I didn’t have my mini-library it wouldn’t feel the same. There’s something truly amazing in sitting in front of you bookish decorated shelves just staring at your collection.

Do you reflect this sentiment? Do you buy books or get them from the library (probably a better idea as it will save money and space in the long run)?

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Later in the month I will be posting my top 10 bookish gift ideas for XMAS so watch this space!

What was your favorite thing about October?

3 thoughts on “Book Meme of The Month (1/11/2019)

  1. I do understand what you mean about the books in a book shelf. I have a whole row of books to read and it takes me a few months to read a book, so my stack will take me forever!
    The best thing about my October was …. Watching my dog swim during his hydrotherapy lesson’s, such joy!

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  2. Hi Renee. Yeah books on a To Be Read pile can take years and years to get through. You just have to get through bit by bit to avoid a reading slump. Sometimes it takes me like 5 months to read a book I am just not feeling. My all time longest read was Lord Of The Rings which took me about 5 years because I read it on and off. The book is great though! That’s so cool about the hydrotherapy lessons, I can imagine the cuteness surrounding your pet as they tread water. Is that like swimming lessons for dogs? What breed is your pooch?


  3. Yes it’s swimming lessons for dogs. My dog is miniature labradoodle. He doesn’t like walking much so we choose swimming lessons to keep his weight steady.
    The book I’m reading at the moment is All the light we can not see, it’s very good so far.

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