Animal-Lover's suitcase opens in NYC. Chaos.

The Blurb

J.K. Rowling’s screenwriting debut is captured in this exciting hardcover edition of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay.

When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt’s fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them marks the screenwriting debut of J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved and internationally bestselling Harry Potter books. Featuring a cast of remarkable characters, this is epic, adventure-packed storytelling at its very best.

Whether an existing fan or new to the wizarding world, this is a perfect addition to any reader’s bookshelf.

Release Date: November 18th 2016

The Review:

I can’t remember where I got this book from but it was an obvious purchase as I absolutely love Harry Potter and have seen the movie of Fantastic Beasts. From previously seeing the film before reading the screenplay I knew what I was getting into.

The plot was amazing, and it is truly brilliant how J.K Rowling’s stories just keep getting more elaborate and profound. One thing to know before reading this book is that it is not really a book – it is a screenplay, which means it is a script. It contains every line the characters say and most of the shots used in the film. This meant that the style of Fantastic Beasts was that of action and adventure, very like you were ‘reading’ the movie. I am going to coin that phrase – ‘reading the film’ because that is in essence this book’s purpose. There was limited description and the screenplay was over very quick.

Set in New York in the 1920s there were two main story arcs to this screenplay which interweave at the end. The plot of Fantastic Beasts is a work of genius by J.K Rowling. I just loved the addition of the fantastic beasts, especially the Niffler and Demiguise, but my favorite would have to be Pickett. I really want him to be my pet! Newt made an excellent protagonist and his philosophy of life is one to be inspired by. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him and doesn’t worry about anything. Jacob Kowalski was an unexpected addition to the novel and I loved the way he and Newt bounced off each other. Finally a muggle is thrown into the Wizarding world and struggles to make sense of it! Incredibly entertaining to read.

Credence was a really interesting character, filled with so many layers. What he goes through throughout the book is heart-breaking. Graves was the most unexpected and deep character. I constantly wondered why he was doing what he did, until his hidden agenda was revealed.

I would recommend this book to any fan of Harry Potter, but wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t had any contact with the Wizarding world before because you simply won’t get it. It would be so funny to imagine a muggle trying to read this book – “What’s a Newt?”. ‘Fantastic Beasts’ is ‘Harry Potter’ to a older audience and does have some mature themes so I would recommend it to ages 16+.

When watching the film I was really confused and only when I read the screenplay did the whole film make sense. So if you were anything like me, totally dumb-founded and constantly needing to question everything going on on-screen – pick up this elaborately covered screenplay and get your questions answered.

I gave this screenplay 4/5 stars because I realized that I don’t particularly like reading screenplays and because I didn’t really imagine anything in my head (my fault for seeing the film before reading) or feel like I was journeying with the characters. I also found some aspects a bit dark and distressing which is also what I found when watching the film. But overall the book was so creative. Fantastic Beasts is planned to be followed up with another 4 films (yes I repeat, 4 films, making a total 13 films overall for the HP franchise!!). The Crimes of Grindlewald film came out in 2018 which totally shocked me, and was in my opinion better than Fantastic Beasts. All those twists and turns just when you thought what was going on!

Content Warning: Intense scene at end and domestic violence. May be triggering for some. Two violent deaths as well. Mention of witches and wizards.

Favorite Character

Got to be Newt and Pickett. He is so lovingly awkward and great with animals. Pickett is so cute and makes a great companion, especially when trying to unlock doors. Jacob is runner up favorite character, who knew a muggle could be so entertaining?!

Favorite Quotes

I love house elves. My uncle is a house elf.

Jacob – anyone who knows Harry Potter will find this hilarious

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.

Newt – I wish I could take up this piece of advice.


  • What is your favorite Fantastic beast?
  • If you were a part of fantastic beasts which character would you be?
  • Did you see the end coming? Did it shock you?

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Fantastic Beasts Screenplay by J. K. Rowling ft. me coining the term ‘reading the film’

  1. I’m not sure about reading screenplays. In fact I can’t even remember if I read this or not!? As for the film – the end was a twist for sure. My favourite beast was the dragon-looking thing that inhabited the world inside Newts suitcase.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, you may just have to read it again! Or The Crimes of Grindlewald screenplay as that has been released now. Yes the end was a great twist! You mean the swooping evil that helped saved Newt?


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