Hello there readers! Here is a question for you: have your ever seen Toy Story? This meme contains a quote from Woody that can definitely relate to some novels.

Today’s meme is…

After All We’ve Been Through

Image Credit: : http://slaplaughter.danoah.com/36-memes-for-book-lovers-that-will-make-them-happier-than-getting-a-letter-from-hogwarts/

Have you experienced this? With what book? I don’t want to be a spoiler but Allegiant sadly did this too me. After 3 books of connecting to the characters and journeying through the different factions and beyond the wall (by the way I think I am an erudite/amity) I was met by a shocking ending where I reacted in the way Woody did here.

I must also mention the film as it had a shocking ending too as it didn’t even exist – where was the ending, where was the proposed 4th film? The 3rd film finished about halfway through the Allegiant book’s plot. Really quite disappointing – but then again did I really want to relive that ending? Well just to see more scenes with Four!

What do you think? Put your comments below.

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