Boy humiliated because of deformed face.

The Blurb:

My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever, you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.

The Review:

This novel is a feel-good life-giving story. This book gives power to change hearts – where people no longer base their judgment of another upon race, appearance, religion, gender and many other prejudices.

I happen to have written after a disastrous event. Reviewing this novel was so timely and important as I can reflect on the importance of the message of this novel. No more should we stand for judgments of others based on what we see. And no more should we act on those judgments.

Acts of kindness, charity, and compassion circulate the arteries of many humans who choose to do good. I hope this manifesto of compassion allows and inspires you, The Readers, to allow you to see with eyes that are clear and unprejudiced, because (as shown in Wonder) we can change how we view others.

When we view our planet from outer space (as Auggie would have liked to do) it can be observed that we are all the same and all inhabit the same life-giving planet. We must stand beside those who are unprivileged, physically different, religiously alternate to us, and racially diverse because we all have hearts that beat at the same pace. We are the same! We may all have different struggles and stories like August, Julian, Summer and Jack-Will but we all deserve love and equality.

Now enough of my ranting, on to the review. Wonder is an amazing novel. It is written in a style that reflects it’s narrator, depending on the chapter. Having perspectives of all the main characters in the book really helps to understand the motives of some of the kids actions and helps to see the personal adversities each one faces – whether it be shy and humiliated August or his overlooked sister Olivia, his drifting friend Jack-Will or August’s nemesis Julian.

I would recommend this book to all ages as it discusses lessons that are vital for children and adults alike. After reading this book you may be angry, happy or even in tears. This book is also a major motion picture, which gives justice to the book and reflects it’s different parts.

The main theme is this novel was that it doesn’t matter what you look like – everyone has their own story and deserves love.

Release Date: 14 February 2012

Favorite Quote

“If every single person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, wherever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary—the world really would be a better place.”

Mr Tushman, Wonder

Favorite Character

Probably overlooked sister Olivia and cute dog Daisy. I would say Auggie, but he got a little annoying when he whined a lot and didn’t accept Jack-Will’s apology.

QFTR (Questions for The Readers)

  • How has this book changed the way you see others?
  • Why do you think Jack-Will talked about Auggie behind his back?
  • Do you thinks the way Via feels is justified?
  • Do you think Auggie’s parents were rightly overprotective and treated both Via and Auggie equally?

What did you think about this book? Was it one of your favs or did you expect better?
Write what you think in the comments section : )

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Wonder ft. a heart-felt post written on March 15 2019

  1. This was a light read for me, and outside of the usual genres I read. It was a delicate handling of the issues around how we judge others based on appearance. It didn’t provide any direct answers (because there aren’t really any). The world needs a whole lot more kindness, and it needs it now more than ever. I saw the movie, but for me, movies never quite live up to the depth that is in the written word, but was a good re-telling nonetheless.

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  2. Hi, exisweb I definitely agree with you – the world does need a whole lot more kindness. I know, it may be a cliché but the book was better as it almost always is!


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